Monday, July 26, 2010

How Liberals Think!

I just got back from a stroll through the Liberal-cesspool of blogs.
Though liberals do a great deal of talking about hearing other points of view, it sometimes shocks them to learn that there ARE other points of view.

Political correctness is a wonderful example of how liberals think. They pull some “offensive” (to them) idea out of the miasma of their minds and put government authority behind it. As a result, colleges are staffed with race relations police who monitor what is said and read body language. Infractions are handled with reeducation or expulsion.

The fetus is property and just cells.

Enforcing immigration law is profiling.

Opposing Obama is racism.

Tax cuts are only doing the bidding of the super rich.

Supporting business is crushing the employee.

Fox News is Faux News.

And the list goes on. There is no intelligent debate in these nuggets of liberal truth. You just dare not challenge them without proving to the world that you are an idiot.

Progressives are, at their core, self-absorbed bullcrap artists. They are convinced of their moral and intellectual superiority, and above all, take whatever action they feel necessary to achieve whatever goal they decide needs to be achieved.


  1. Thanks for joining Rational Nation USA.

    I have read your posts and you have a strong voice for liberty and state your views well.

    Keep up the good fight against the progressive collectivists.

    Sanity and reason will one day again prevail.

  2. And I agree with what you say on your blog as well.
    Thanks for coming here.

  3. Excellent blog posts. I read back a few myself and I think you are an excellent writer with a good head on your shoulders.

    Your avatar is perfect for trolling liberal blogs. I have dabbled a little bit in that activity myself, but mostly stick to the blogroll.

    I have seen the Faux News jokes and self-absorbed tirades.

    The good news is that we grownups outnumber them. And they will see what this means. They won't come back for at least a generation. Nobody will forget what they did in their moment of triumph. And if we retake the school systems, we may be able to hold them off for longer than that....

  4. Hi )0(
    Thanks for finding and following me, I've returned the favor.

    You have described the loony libs perfectly!
    Esp. in Universities, they are worse than thought police nazi's.

    Have a great week and welcome to the blogs!

  5. Great take on the progressives. I commend you on strolling through the lib blogs. That takes fortitude and a strong stomach.
    Thanks for the follow and I've reciprocated. Good luck with the blog.

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  7. You've summed it up nicely, Lena.

    I make frequent forays into Left Blogistan, and I always come back dismayed.

  8. You came to my blog, gave a bogus story of how the government would not help you, and when I asked for details you did not respond.
    Incinserity is just a game conservatives/Republicans play.
    If you truly want to play, try harder.

  9. You PLAGIARIZED this post from the comment section of this article:

    Comments #1, #7, #4, #15

    That is pitiful and ILLEGAL.