Tuesday, January 26, 2010

And only one year in Office.

Obama could do all that but it’s clearly out of character for him.

1 year in office almost complete and we’ve had the WH turned into a political operation where campaign practices are the norm —you and I and probably other commenters here, Dan, have been around past WH Administrations and know that, until Obama, the real lever operators inside any Administration have been the policy wonks and professional managers –not the political hacks left over from the campaign. It’s the latter in Obama’s Camp, 24 x 7. How can you expect bipartisanship when the leadership team lives and breathes partisanship?

Partisanship is rife inside the Oval Office, skip the WH. In the first year we’ve had an attempt to start up a Nixonian Era Enemies List by some of the very people who might have been on the original list and know far, far better than to do something like this… a WH Office of Fishey Comments asking citizens to rat out opponents on the net… and all of these have the fingerprint of our most famous community organizer and Chicago Thug all over ‘em.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Obama Vs. Bush

Maybe my memory is just selective, but I don’t remember President Bush using the authority and constitutionally derived power of his office to attack CNN during his time in office. Oh, I’m sure he said a comment or two that could be considered that way, but never as an active and concentrated policy. For some reason having the President act this way comes off as rather tyranical- isn’t this the type of stuff they do in poor improvised brutal dictatorships?