Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sharrod should have been fired!

A woman stands up in front of a room and brags about how she deliberately discriminated against a man based on his skin color, and you can’t call that racist.

This is just absurd. At this moment, the conservative movement is in an even more embarrassing position than they normally are, because many of them, including their much-beloved Fox News, have at worst revealed themselves to be unabashed racists, or at the very least a bunch of amoral twits that have no problem exploiting racial divisiveness for political gain (which is worse?) And of course, when the humiliations become too much to deny, the conservative movement circles the wagons, does their very best to be introspective, and….. wait for it…… ACCUSES THE PRESIDENT OF PLAYING THE RACE CARD!
By the way, Sharrod is doing an amazing job of demonstrating that she’s a race-baiting hustler.
this obvious racist woman, this unrepentant idiot who is contradicting her so-called “redemptive” story with her blabbering today, is going to be holding a job at the USDA.

The Obama Party needs to be hammered every day with how it gives jobs to unrepentant racists because they attack as racist conservatives and organizations who criticize Obama.

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