Saturday, June 26, 2010

Boobs like this this outta touch President deserve to get fired.

Why are the liberal socialist Democrats going to get routed in the fall?
Why is Obama and his ilk almost as unpopular as Bush 43 when he got fired?
This just today….
Charlie Rangel the crook, faces expulsion if he doesn;t quit first from a group it’s very difficult to get kicked out of…The Democrat caucus of the US Congress. When quizzed about the latest developments by a young reporter, Charlie does everything but slug the guy for asking. (Typical by hyper Dems lately).
Obama announces by 2012, 4 years after he took office, his people were going to cut in half one years 100 BILLION DOLLARS IN misspent government money!!!!!!Checks sent out to people and purveyors who aren’t suppose to get them. ($100 BILLION EVERY YEAR) After year 4 he was going to save $50 BILLION of an annual theft!!!
Obama plunders the federal coffers for another $38 Billion for unemployment benefits. After his announcement of 3 months ago about PAYGO.
Obama said he had a good week.
Any boobs this outta touch deserve to get fired.

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  1. You call others "boobs"! At least Gene in Pennsylvania is a regular and writes original work at the Gay Patriot blog where you PLAGIARIZED your post from!